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Wedding Cakes

Please go to teyasfinishingtouch.webs.com for more information, more pictures, and more cake options, Thank you. Teya 

Hi, and Welcome to my site.  My Name is Teya, I am married
to a wonderful man 
and have 2 beautiful Children.  I have
been cake designer for 3 years. 
Winning 2 ribbons for my
cakes in the East Idaho State Fair, show my love what I do.

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Come and See me at the Madison Middle Scool,
March 7th I will be at the Upper Valley Bridal Fair
at the Madison Middle School from 10-5. 

Hope to see you their.

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Here are some other things to see on my site!  here is a better site www.teyasfinishingtouch.webs.com or www.teyasfinishingtouch.com

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Please feel free to look throough my album of wedding cakes.  If you find somthing you like let me know, or we can design your dream cake together.

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